Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Why do we process flowers and what does this entail?

Our flowers have been on a long journey from California, Canada, Europe or even South America. From the moment they arrive we welcome them as our guests. We look at it this way; we are simply a bed and breakfast for these pretty little visitors that are passing through for a short rest on their way to see you! When they get here we take off their coat and any excess baggage they may have with them. We carefully inspect that they are not ill from their travels. We give them fresh water, some food and a little dip to liven them up from their droopy slumber. Then after they’ve begun to perk up we settle them into their cool and cozy accommodations in our cooler. During their stay we play the perfect host by changing their water, keeping them safe from danger like heat, fruit and other ill visitors. Flowers at Dowd’s are not just flowers they are practically family. We give them the utmost attention and care, fully conditioning every stem and bloom, quality that ensures they last the longest they can.