Monday, February 28, 2011

Different Types of Roses

You may think a rose is a rose, but in reality there are several varieties of roses with a wide range of colors sold. The most common fresh cut rose at any florist is a standard rose. They are typically sold with varying stem lengths-40, 50, 60 and 70cm roses. The longer the stem, the more expensive the rose. There are also sweetheart roses which are very similar to the appearance of a standard rose except the flowers are much smaller with a single flower head on a stem. There are also what is called a spray rose. Spray rose flower heads are small in size like sweetheart roses and have several flower blooms and buds on a single stem. Lastly there are garden roses which are large very open blooms of roses where the middle of the rose is often exposed. They are highly desired for their relaxed, romantic appearance with direct comparison to the standard rose. The majority of our roses are grown in Ecuador, also grown in California and Canada. Watch the following videos to learn a little more about growing and selling roses.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Fun with Foliage!

Gone are the days of using standard leather leaf. Foliages of all types play a primary role as a main element in modern design. Foliages such as ti leaves, aspidistra, alligator foliage, calathea, maranta and alocasia offer unique patterned leaves that can be showcased inside, lining the vase with a unique pattern offering intriguing value versus a plain clear vase and criss-crossed stems. Our signature look is to fill a clear vase with a layer of brightly colored stones and then line the vase with foliages such as those pictured below.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Now is the time for Flowering Branches...

Yes, flowering branches is one more sign we're nearing spring. The re-awakening of the trees as they come into spring blossom. These delicate blossom decorated branches incorporated into a fresh cut flower bouquet offer a glimpse of what is to come. Many varieties ranging from cherry, peach, plum, apricot, prunus, quince and forsythia. My personal favorite is the bright salmon pink quince. Although the burst of yellow from the forsythia is a close second.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Moon Series Carnations

Moon series carnations are a favorite for us. Florigene is the company responsible for genetically modifying these carnations to achieve remarkable purple shades. 4 shades of standard carnations are available starting with the darkest called moonvista, then moonshade, moonlite and the lightest moonaqua. They also have several shades in mini carnations, such as moonshadow, moondust, moonique, moonpearl, moonvelvet and moonberry.

Purple is In!
Purple wedding flowers are a trendy choice with a plethora of unique flowers to arrange with. The color purple is an exotic hue. No matter how many purple wedding flowers pictures you look at, it seems that each one reveals a striking image of beauty and splendor. Dark purple wedding flowers exude luxury, similar to the sensation conveyed with dark purple velvet curtains.
Purple is a mix between hot red and cold blue, which creates a sense of balance. Historically, purple is often associated with nobility and power. Some say that if purple is your color of choice, you are sensitive and creative. It is said that purple helps to spur creativity and peace. When choosing purple flowers for weddings, there is so much room to use your imagination to create stunning arrangements for flowers. Purple pairs well with so many other colors the combinations are endless. Purple and blue. Purple and dusty mauve. Purple and red. Purple and cream. Purple and orange. Purple and green. Purple and pink. Purple and yellow. Purple and purple.

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