Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Moon Series Carnations

Moon series carnations are a favorite for us. Florigene is the company responsible for genetically modifying these carnations to achieve remarkable purple shades. 4 shades of standard carnations are available starting with the darkest called moonvista, then moonshade, moonlite and the lightest moonaqua. They also have several shades in mini carnations, such as moonshadow, moondust, moonique, moonpearl, moonvelvet and moonberry.

Purple is In!
Purple wedding flowers are a trendy choice with a plethora of unique flowers to arrange with. The color purple is an exotic hue. No matter how many purple wedding flowers pictures you look at, it seems that each one reveals a striking image of beauty and splendor. Dark purple wedding flowers exude luxury, similar to the sensation conveyed with dark purple velvet curtains.
Purple is a mix between hot red and cold blue, which creates a sense of balance. Historically, purple is often associated with nobility and power. Some say that if purple is your color of choice, you are sensitive and creative. It is said that purple helps to spur creativity and peace. When choosing purple flowers for weddings, there is so much room to use your imagination to create stunning arrangements for flowers. Purple pairs well with so many other colors the combinations are endless. Purple and blue. Purple and dusty mauve. Purple and red. Purple and cream. Purple and orange. Purple and green. Purple and pink. Purple and yellow. Purple and purple.