Monday, June 29, 2009

Don't Miss the Oswego County Fair!

"For the Love of Flowers" is the theme for the 152nd Oswego County Fair. The fair is having a special flower exhibition highlighting many local gardeners and floral designers. Dowd's also has a design of their own on display titled: "Emerald Phoenix." The Phoenix is one of the many known styles in floral design. It received its name from the fabled bird that lives for 500 years or more and then destroys itself by fire, rising from the ashes to begin life anew. The Phoenix design is the regeneration of a round symmetrical form with a burst of material from its center. The base design is a traditional, compact, radial design with very little space between the flowers. It is fresh and eye-catching: the rebirth of a traditional form.

Oswego County Fair: July 1-5, 2009
Located in Sandy Creek