Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Rainbow Roses are Extra Special Flowers for those Extra Special People in your Life

Rainbow roses are exactly what they sound like, roses in the colors of a rainbow. They were designed by Peter Van de Werken who owns a flower company close to Den Bosch in southern Holland. These special roses are made by inserting dye into the stem of the roses while they are growing. Resulting in the color being absorbed by the petals of the flower. The dye gives them a tie dye appearance with brilliant colors in shades of blue, purple, green, orange, pink, and yellow. They are not easy to make, as they take a bit of careful engineering. We do offer these beautiful and unique roses. However we need a few days notice to allow ample time to order and ship.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Handmade Hardwood Gifts

Local business starts with local suppliers. Dowd's Flower Shop is now offering beautiful handmade hard wood products created by local craftsman Lance Knapp. Lance creates everything from wine bottle stoppers and glasses to unique kitchen cutting boards. All pieces are made from hard woods including cherry, black walnut, oak and hard maple. Stop in to view his talented craftsmanship. View a sneak peak below.